Monday, July 7, 2008

Q3 Challenge first FO!

I started some slippers for my dad (Christmas knitting in July) at the end of June. I finished the first one on Sunday night. They're pretty good, I think. It's hard to know if they'll fit, though his feet are only half an inch longer than mine so I can guess based on how they fit me that they should be alright. The yarn I bought is enough to do five slippers. I've decided to do three for him (so he has a spare) and a pair for myself, but probably in a different pattern. I don't know if I can bring myself to knit five of the same pattern without going insane.

Anyway, here's the first slipper.

And completed slippers!

Toe Warmers — Footlets for Dad (pattern) (ravelry) by Patons
Source: Yarn Lover's Room (
Recipient: My Dad
Occasion: Christmas
Finished: July 7, 2008
Yarn: 0.5 skein of Lang Yarns Jawoll Cotton Aktion
Needles: US 2 or 2.75 mm circulars

This also marks the beginning of my Q3 Challenge knitting. It feels great to get such a good start on it. The rules were to knit an unfinished gift, start and finish a new gift, and knit something for yourself. This is probably the easiest of the three parts, and I'm probably making it more of challenge than it needs to be, but I really don't want to have any leftover yarn lol.

My second project that I want to talk about is Arbor, which sort of fits into the Q3 challenge, but I'm not using it in its entirety. I have loftier plans! Anyway, here's some finished pictures of it!

Another from the front, after a day of wearing (it hasn't stretched at all, which is awesome!)

And one from the back, where there might have been some slight stretching, but I'm not overly concerned. I still think it wore very well.

Q3 Challenge Goals!

Just a quick recap/update for you readers out there on my Q3 Challenge items:
  1. Finish a work-in-progress: COMPLETE!
    Toe Warmers my dad (pattern)(ravelry)(blog). These were started the last week of June and finished July 7. Very quick and easy, but I'm happy they're done!
  2. Start and finish a gift item:
    The cozy stole (pattern)(ravelry) will fit into this category nicely!
  3. Knit something for yourself: 50%
    I would say I'm 50% done because I challenged myself to finish Arbor (pattern)(ravelry)(blog), which I finished July 5th, but I wanted to start and finish something brand new for myself. I knew that finishing the pullover wouldn't be much of a challenge and needed more.

    My plan for the second part of this challenge is to use my Fiddlesticks lace yarn that could make a lovely wrap (ravelry)(pattern) for me ^_^
My updated July List:
  1. Toe Warmers / For my Dad / Christmas / December 25, 2008 / Finished July 7, 2008
  2. Cozy Stole / For my sister-in-law / Christmas / December 25, 2008 / Pending start
  3. Bridesmaid Stoles / For my Bridesmaids / Wedding / September 2009 / Pending start
  4. Stole in Fiddlesticks lace yarn / For myself / Q3 Challenge / September 30, 2008 / Pending start
  5. Arbor — Lace pullover / For myself / Partial Q3 Challenge / Finished July 5, 20008


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wow, you are really good! Your things look fantastic!

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