Friday, December 5, 2008

YLGAL 2009? Your Feedback Please

Greetings all!!

I know that many of you are either happy to never have to see another gift knit again, while others might be putting on the finishing touches.

I've been thinking about plans for next year for the last month or so, and I'm posting to get your feedback. My first priority is to find a moderator for this group. I have LOVED being the list "mama", but I'm already getting indications that work travel won't allow me to do much in the way of coordination next year.

So item 1 - Any volunteers for managing the group? (This involves reaching out to sponsors for prizes, coming up with Challenges, and just generally setting the guidelines). Of course, anyone who volunteers will have my help and support to get rolling and, of course, more than one moderator can take on this task.

Next - I'm welcoming any and all feedback on the flow of this adventure.
What did you like about the GAL and what can we do better or differently next year?
Did you find the challenges helpful? Was the quarterly time frame reasonable? Were the rules and guidelines clear?

What about prizes? Any suggestions here? How did you feel about your opportunity to win something based on your efforts? Do we need prizes or are you just happy to participate for the joy of good time management?

And finally - group activity. I know this board was quiet at times, but in our main areas (finished gifts, monthly challenges, and Gift Lists) I thought there was a good amount of posting and sharing. What did you think?

I'm going to keep moving this post up so you have all month to comment; hopefully we'll have a good plan laid out with your suggestions for 2009. I'd love if this group could keep going, so weigh in here with your comments. If you prefer to message me privately, I welcome that too!

~ This message has also been posted to our Ravelry Group ~


Sally Comes Unraveled said...

My main comment is that I hope we keep it going in 2009. I may not have achieved everything I set out to do, but now that Christmas is here, I'm not nearly as stressed about last minute knitting as I have been in the past. This has been a big help.

Liz said...

I loved the GAL. I really hope that we do it in 2009 too. It really helped me to focus on the gift knitting I knew I wanted to do, and helped me to stay on track.

The prizes were an awesome bonus to something that was already great. I was delighted to win yarn in the third quarter!!! I also think the challenges were a great motivator. Thank you so much!

vegasangelbrat said...

Yes please please!!!
I'm so sorry I fell apart this past April because today I am SO BHIND!! No fault but my own and I would love to continue this for 2009.

laughing purple goldfish said...

first of all, thanks so much for the time and effort which you invested in organising this GAL... much appreciated

love the idea of the GAL... I just need to manage myself better next year!

will come back when I have a little more time to give you specific answers to some of those questions :)


Carrie said...

Now how did I miss there was a Ravelry group? Just joined that :)

I love this idea and this group. I definitely want to do this again in 2009 -- and hopefully accomplish more than I managed this year!

Marce, I'd be happy to help with moderating.

Barbara said...

I hope we keep this going for 2009. I can't help as moderator but I will keep on knitting.

this was a great motivator. I organized my projects last night and I actually have 5 dishcloths left over and 3 scarves as bonus gifts.

I am very pleased with this outcome.
I also have 4 placemats completed with the tablecloth on the needles.

thanks for setting this up and looking forward to next year!