Monday, January 21, 2008

Nice to join you!

Hi Everyone,

My name is Jennifer (jsins on the sidebar) and I am excited to join you all. Signing up for the GAL got me to knit my first gift project of the year this weekend! I am looking forward to having a fun and stress-free gift knitting experience with you all.

I'll start with my January goals. Since it's a bit late in the month to be too ambitious, I'm going to keep them simple. My goals are to complete 3 gifts this month.

1. Pair of Saartje's Booties for Co-Worker (baby due in May) completed January 20

2. A dishcloth as a housewarming present for a friend

3. A dishcloth for a Christmas present

I was able to knit the pair of Saartje's Booties yesterday and am pleased to unveil them in my first post to the Gift-A-Long.

Pattern: Saartje's Booties by Saartje de Bruijn

Yarn: Joan of Arc by Yarn Love in the Fling colorway

Needles: U.S. size 2 Addi Turbos

Start/Finish Date: January 20, 2008

More project details can be found on my blog.



Marce aka BrownBerry said...

Congrats on your finish, and welcome!! They are adorable, and in such cheerful colors.

You don't only have to post items you plan to finish in the month of January - you can post items that are due at a later date. I just encourage everyone to post or refresh their lists each month to keep us on track.

Happy knitting!

vegasangelbrat said...

Love the booties, they are great!!

Marce had a great idea to start this, it amazes me at how much we can get done!

Anonymous said...

Super cute!