Tuesday, February 19, 2008

February progress so far

It's been so great to be knitting again after my January injury, I have gone a little crazy.   I added the Koolhaas hat after finding some wonderful Malabrigo at a LYS, but not sure the photo can do justice to the subtle variations and richness of the brown colors. 
I decided to wait to felt the clogs until I know who will be getting them.  But since I'm so curious to see how the embroidery felts, I may throw them in the wash today!

 Calorimetry was great fun to knit - a great design. 
 I knit Skip while watching basketball over the weekend.


vegasangelbrat said...

Nice gifts!! They all look great!
Keep up the good work!

suzenew said...

Looks like you are making up for lost time. Glad that you are knitting away again.

LeAnn said...

Ooooh -- I'd love to see those clogs after you felt them. I just made my first pair of clogs, but they're nothing compared to yours.